Mobile Patrol Services

DF Security provides armed and unarmed, off duty law enforcement and security personnel for both short- and long-term assignments. Contact us for an instant quote.

DF Security offers the finest mobile patrol services for businesses requiring comprehensive site-wide security. Adapted to suit your business requirements and financial plan, our extensive selection of services will guarantee the safety and protection of your establishments, staff, and guests round the clock.

For numerous business proprietors, mobile security patrols are not just efficient but also a cost-effective choice. DF Security excels in delivering security patrols for various locations including residential areas, construction sites, retail stores, commercial buildings, and parking facilities. We stand out by presenting highly personalized services to meet our clients’ security demands at all times.

Mobile Patrols with DF Security

Are you worried about illegal activities occurring on your property outside of regular hours? Are you in need of set times for locking and unlocking entrances daily? Do you seek assurance in having a professional security guard present who can promptly respond in case of an emergency?

If you’ve responded affirmatively to these inquiries, reach out to DF Security for further information on our mobile patrol units. Our competent security experts are adept at assisting clients in identifying their security requirements and can collaborate with you to develop tailored security solutions that fit within your financial constraints. Don’t underestimate the possibility of crime or emergencies on your premises. Safeguard your business with our expertly trained mobile patrol units now.

Protecting Your Business

Utilizing our skilled, efficient, and prompt mobile patrol officers instills reassurance in the safety and protection of your property. Simply having a security patrol present can often discourage criminal activity, curb vandalism, and elevate a sense of security within the area. The mobile patrol teams provided by DF Security, in conjunction with additional security resources like alarm systems and monitoring, prove to be exceptionally successful in establishing a reliably secure space. In the event of a worst-case scenario, our dedicated teams of retired military and law enforcement personnel are prepared and equipped to perform necessary actions to uphold the security of the property.

Our team of mobile patrol officers offers security services for your property, which consist of:

Monitoring for Security Risks and Criminal Activity

A primary worry among numerous business operators is the possibility of crimes taking place on their premises. To address this concern, mobile patrols can be assigned to conduct routine monitoring of the area for signs of burglaries, vandalism, trespassing, loitering, and other disturbances. Additionally, security personnel may perform sporadic patrols to prevent criminal behavior by catching potential wrongdoers off-guard.

Reliable locking and unlocking services.

DF Security, we offer mobile patrol units that are dedicated to ensuring the security of your entrances, gates, and restricted areas. Our reliable locking and unlocking services are designed to keep your property safe. Our team can lock and secure various areas such as swimming pools, common areas, offices, and gate entrances at specific times of the day. Additionally, we can unlock these assets whenever you require them to be accessible for customers, employees, and visitors to your property.

Our clearly labeled mobile patrol units are on hand to keep your business secure. We utilize cutting-edge security technology and proactive reporting to offer a range of services, including:

  • Ensuring the safety of late night/ early morning staff
  • Identifying unauthorized vehicles
  • Monitoring parking areas and structures
  • Promptly responding to emergencies and fires
  • Keeping an eye on outdoor spaces
  • Conducting scheduled or random mobile patrols
  • Checking and resetting alarm systems
  • Providing immediate assistance to employees, customers, and visitors
  • Equipping vehicles with emergency aid supplies like first aid kits, jumper cables, and jacks.

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